maanantai 15. tammikuuta 2018

A little bit of progress

Well, I haven't had time to built the Glencroft kit as much as I would have liked to, because I took on too much work for this month. I have still managed to do something.

I needed to use some wood filler in this piece because a large splinter had come off of it. That is the kitchen front wall.

Here I have managed to put together the center wall piece and second floor with my common-law husband. The instructions say to glue the center wall piece in place and then slide the second floor in. Yeah, that was not going to happen. It was hard enough like this and with two people.

 Here they are glued in. Never mind the warping. It will straighten once all the pieces are in place.

 This is what is supposed be glued in next, but I'm not doing it just yet because I need to finish the first floor fireplace before that.

 Here you can see the fireplace wall in place.

 Two more pieces glued in for the second floor bathroom.

Here is the first floor fireplace that is taking forever to finish. I have painted it with Rust-Oleums chalky finish furniture paint. The goal is to make it look like a stone fireplace. It still needs some more touching up and sanding.

perjantai 29. joulukuuta 2017

Greenleaf Glencroft

It has been a while since I last posted anything. About 3 years, I think. However, now I'm back and I want to document my building of Greenleaf Glecroft dollhouse. I ordered the kit from Overstock through eBay. It was on a 13% discount and the shipping cost to Finland was quite reasonable considering the size and weight of the package, and of course the fact that it was delivered to my house.

Before the kit even arrived, I researched a lot about building Greenleaf dollhouses in general and of course about the Glencroft. I also planned ahead what I would do with walls, floors, ceilings, fireplaces etc. However, I have now realized that I can't really do everything in the order I wished. I, for example, wanted to paint the downstairs fireplace before putting the wall in place, but that is not going to happen. I just hope I have enough room to maneuver when the time for that comes.

I have now spent a few days just punching out the first few pieces, dry fitting and sanding them. Yesterday I started the glueing process by connecting the back foundation well with the floor. It wasn't as easy as it looks, since the long strip had bent a bit an you had to keep the pieces together until the glue was somewhat dry. After that I did what you see in the picture.  I kept the piece in place with painters tape. The red, yellow and white thing is Lego pieces stuck together to form a straight angle.

After that I have now glued the next two pieces in place. Again, the Lego straight angle is in use, as well as the tape and a clamp. Unfortunately we only have this one good clamp and two plastic dollhouse clamps. The rest are flimsy and small plastic ones that probably are going to be useful only when I glue the ceiling beam pieces together.

That's it for today. I'll post again in a few days when I've made some more progress.

perjantai 24. huhtikuuta 2015

Miniatyyrikirjontaa tilauksesta - Miniature embroidery made to order

Tein tähän blogiin toisen välilehden, joka löytyy heti tuosta blogini nimen alta. Sieltä löytyy ristipistomalleja, joita teen nyt tilauksesta. Lisään sinne malleja myöhemmin. Jos sieltä löytyy jotain, jonka haluat minun kirjovan sinulle, ota yhteyttä sieltä löytyvään sähköpostiosoitteeseen. Alla on yksi malli, jonka olen tehnyt itselleni.

I made another page in this blog that you can find right below the name of this blog. There you can see embroidery patterns that I'm now stitching to order. I'll add more patterns later. If you find something you'd like me to stitch for you, send me a message to the e-mail address provided there. Below is a photo of one that I've made for myself.

tiistai 18. marraskuuta 2014

Jouluinen näyteikkuna - Christmas show window

Meidän nukkekotikerholla, Nukkis-Ystävillä, on taas näyteikkuna Jyväskylässä. Tällä kertaa Suomen käsityön museolla. Meillä on myös museon aulassa Sokoksen näyteikkunasta tuttu kerrostalomme jouluiseksi sisustettuna, mutta teen siitä erillisen postauksen.

Our dolls house club has a show window display in my hometown again. This time it's in Craft Museum of Finland. We also have our apartment building decorated for Christmas in the museum's lobby, but I'll write another post about that.

Ikkunassa on seitsemän kojua, joissa myydään astioita, kukkia, käsitöitä, pihatarvikkeita, leluja, herkkuja ja joulukoristeita. Minun kojussani myydään käsitöitä. Puuvalmiit kojut on tehnyt tilauksesta Aulis Parviainen.

There are seven market stalls in the window in which they sell porcelain dishes, flowers, handcrafts, shovels and snowplows etc., toys, delicacies and Christmas decorations. My stall is the handcraft one. Unfinished market stalls have been made to order by a male member of our dolls house club.

Kojuni on vasemmalla / My stall is on the left

Huomaa avantuimarit / Notice the swimmers

Karanneet kanat / Chickens on the loose

tiistai 4. marraskuuta 2014

Joulukuusi ja alusmatto - Christmas three and a skirt for it

Meillä on Nukkis-Ystävät-kerhon kanssa tulossa taas näyteikkuna, tällä kertaa jouluinen sellainen Keski-Suomen käsityömuseolle Jyväskylän keskustaan. Tavarat pitäisi viedä näyteikkunaaan 11. päivä, joten kiire jo tulee. Näyteikkunaan tulee joulutori ja sen lisäksi museon sisäpuolelle tulee pari nukkekotia ja meidän kerrostalo Sokoksen kesäisestä näyteikkunasta.

Our dolls' house club Nukkis-Ystävät has another display coming. This time it's a Christmas scene at in a handcraft museum's show window. The set up is scheduled for 11th of this month, so I'm going to be very busy. The theme of the show window is Christmas market. In addition there's going to be a couple of houses and our apartment building from last summer's display inside the museum.

Minä vaihdan mummonhuoneeni sisustuksen jouluisemmaksi, ja sinne tulee tietysti joulukuusi. Eilen sain koristeltua kuusen. Voi olla, että siihen tulee vielä suomenlippunauha. Latvatähti on tehty rautalangasta ja Fimosta, jonka maalasin kullanvärisellä akryylimaalilla. Olen ostanut kuusen Doloreksesta, ja siinä on aika ruma jalka. Vain sellainen puupalikka. Päätin siis tehdä siihen jalan peittävän maton.

 I'm going to change the decor of my grandma's room to a bit more festive one. Of course there's going to be a Christmas tree. Yesterday I finished decorating the tree, although I might add a string of Finland's flags to it. I made the tree-topper from wire and Fimo and painted it with golden acrylic paint. I have bought the tree and it has quite and ugly stand. It's only a piece of wood. So I decided to make a skirt for it.

Mattoon käyttämäni unainen huopa löytyi mummin kaapeista jo keväällä. Piirsin siihen ympyrän käyttämällä maalipurkin pohjaa mallina. Maton halkaisija on noin 11 senttiä. Keskusympyrän halkaisija on yksi sentti, mutta se olisi voinut olla pienempikin.

I found the red felt among my grandma's things last spring. I drew a circle on it using a paint can as a template. The diameter is about 11 cm. The diameter of the middle circle is 1 cm, but it could have been less.

Kuusenmuotoiset paljetit sain näyteikkunaprojektissa mukana olevalta Annelta. Ne sopivat mattoon kuin nenä päähän. Mietin, mitä muuta koristetta mattoon voisi laittaa, ja siten keksin Sinellistä ostamani 2 millin strassit. Nyt nuo kirkkaat strassit edustavat satavaa luntaa. Kultainen reunanauha on myös Sinellistä ostettua kullanväristä nyöriä (sellaista paksuhkoa, hieman litteää).

The Christmas tree shaped sequins I got from Anne, who is also participating in the display. The are perfect for the tree skirt. I wondered what other decorations I could use and then I remembered the rhinestones that I've got. Those clear rhinestones represent snow. The trim is a slightly flat golden cord.

Olen mattoon melko tyyväinen. Eikä tarvinnut ommella mitään. Kaikki hoitui liimalla.

I'm quite happy with how the tree skirt turned out. I didn't have to sew anything. Everything is glued in place.

keskiviikko 8. lokakuuta 2014

Monen kuukauden synttäriswapit - Birthday swaps of the past months

En ole kirjoittanut tähän blogiin mitään kuukausiin, mutta en ole kuitenkaan ollut ihan tekemättä mitään. Olen joka kuukausi lähettänyt synttäriswappilaisille lahjat ja ostanut muutamia juttuja. Alla kuvat lähettämistäni lahjoista.

I haven't posted anything on this blog for months now. However, I have done something during this time. Every moth I have sent presents for the birthday swap participants and I have also bought some items. Below are pictures of the presents that I have sent.

sunnuntai 6. heinäkuuta 2014

Kirjottu verenpisarataulu / Embroidered fuchsia

Mummon huoneessa on nyt pieni kirjomani taulu, jonka sain viimein tehtyä valmiiksi. Tämä on Artecy Cross Stitchin malli Fuschia Bookmark. Pistelin sen petit point -pistoilla 40 count silk gauze -kankaalle. Ilman kehystä työn mitat ovat 2,2 x 6,3 senttiä.
On the wall of grandma's room hangs now a miniature embroidery that I finally finished. It's called Fuschia Bookmark and it's by Artecy Cross Stitch. I used petit point (tent stitch) on 40 count silk gauze. The measurements without the frame are 2,2 x 6,3 cm.

Tässä se on mummon huoneen seinällä.

Here it is on the wall of grandma's room.